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"We bring you 'knowledge to everyone... everywhere.' You practice it with 'kindness to everyone... everywhere.' Thus, we are changing the world—a tiny drop at the time, filling the beck that runs to the river that flows into the ocean." ~Roger Abrantes


This is our site for the PRE-2019 programs for all students completing their courses or programs and who have chosen not to transfer to the 2019 programs at ethology.eu.

You can complete any course in which you’re currently registered and earn your certificate. For any further courses, you’ll have to go to our 2019 site.

You can complete any program, CPDT, CACE or CAAE in which you are currently enrolled either having paid the full fee or paying by installments. You’ll receive your certificates as usually as well as the final diploma.

You can access all your courses, completed and in progress, as well as bought books, your logbook, and certificates from My Pages in the main menu (at the top of this page).


Consider Transferring to the 2019 Programs

In the 2019 programs, all courses are new (although some keep the same Pre-2019 name). If you decide you want to take the new improved courses, you’ll have to buy them, even if you completed a similar course earlier. However, we’d like to repay your loyalty and genuine enthusiasm for learning by giving you a 75% discount on any course equivalent to the one you bought previously. For example, you want the new “The 20 Principles All Animal Trainers Must Know” at EUR 148. You apply coupon code EI2019 and pay only EUR 37 (only valid until December 31, 2018). Complete the course, and you earn redeeming points—an additional discount.

If you have taken a Proficiency Verification, we will transfer it to the new database.

If you registered for a CPDT, CACE or CAAE program and paid it fully, you can also use the same coupon code to get all the new courses at the extraordinary fee.

Redeeming Points

Another benefit of transferring to the 2019 programs is that we have introduced ‘redeeming points’ rewarding your completing courses. You’re a good student—you earn points to buy courses or to give to a friend.
When you graduate as a CAAE, if you have saved all your redeeming points, we even pay you EUR 527 (almost 600 USD) – an excellent way to start your career!

Do your Math

Some things are much cheaper than they seem to be. Do your math.

Let’s say you took all courses except the Proficiency Verifications and you want to complete them now. You can’t buy the Pre-2019 PVs, any longer. You’ll have to buy the upgraded 2019 PVs. You’d have to pay EUR 198 x 2 for the Pre-2019 PVs. For the 2019 PVs, you spend EUR 396, but you get 40 redeeming points, worth EUR 40. So, you pay only EUR 356.

Lets us look at another even more extreme example. You miss only one of the two Proficiency Verifications for which you would have to pay EUR 198. The 2019 Canine PV costs EUR 396, but it includes both PVs. That means you are eligible to use the coupon code EI2019 and get a 75% discount. So, you pay EUR 99 (saving EUR 99). On top of that, you get 40 redeeming points which means that your real cost is only EUR 59.
But there is more. The 2019 PV also includes the Canine Advanced PV for which you’d have to pay EUR 198, should you want to continue your studies, and so you save further EUR 198.

“Knowledge to Everyone… Everywhere” offers you the highest quality courses at the most affordable prices you can find anywhere. And that’s a fact.